Fabricating & Welding


K.L. Vincent's team can fabricate custom metal parts and assemblies for just about any product or use. Precision and care are used throughout the entire fabrication process to ensure that the highest quality of products are produced. K.L. Vincent's extensive experience with stainless steel alloys and our special fabrication technology allows us to overcome any significant challenge.

Some of the raw materials used by our metal fabricators are plate metal, pre-formed and expanded metal, welding wire, fittings and castings. To begin, these raw materials need to be cut to the correct size. This is done with tools like a special band saw or with a water jet. Metal can then be formed using dies. Tube bending machines and rolling machines are also used to bend and make round sections of metal.

Parts are welded together, and then after cooling, the weldment is usually sand blasted and powder coated. This final product is thoroughly inspected before it is shipped off to the client.



Professional, high quality welding is vital to our economy. It is often said that over 50% of the gross national product of the U.S.A. is related to welding in one way or another. Welding ranks high among industrial processes and involves more sciences and variables than those involved in any other industrial process. 


Nearly everything we use in our daily life is welded or made by equipment that is welded. Welders help build metal products from coffeepots to skyscrapers. They help build space vehicles and millions of other products ranging from oil drilling rigs to automobiles. In construction, welders are virtually rebuilding the world, extending subways, building bridges, and helping to improve the environment by building pollution control devices. The use of welding is practically unlimited. There is no lack of variety of the type of work that is done.


Absolutely! We provide a limited warranty for a period of twelve months after receipt of your product.


Our welders are certified to weld stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel. We use mig, tig and stick welding to perform the correct procedure.

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"I couldn't believe how quickly they came through with such wonderful products and service. Highly recommend!"